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Last week DASPU provoked a reaction from a Brazil’s increasingly conservative and reactionary society for affirming, yet once more, that bodies with and without clothing on the catwalk, in bed, on the street, at work, on stage –  wherever –  are political.

The official Facebook page of DASPU Real was taken offline after a photo from the fashion-show performance in which one of the models appeared naked with the sentence, “sex tourism is legal”, written on her body was denounced and judged by Facebook to violate the “standards of the Facebook community in terms of nudity”. It is notable that rather than taking down the photo that was denounced, which is the “normal” policy of the social network, the entire DASPU page was deactivated in an extreme gesture of censorship.

Per the story published yesterday in Beijo da Rua, the fashion show opened the exposition, “DASPU in Exhibition” and a two-day seminar organized by Davida with sex worker leaders from all over Brazil.  The exhibit, which includes over 25 original “wearable art” pieces made from past DASPU collections, is an artistic project realized in partnership between artist Paula Vila Nova that seeks to reaffirm the esthetic and political fight of Gabriela Leite.

In this blog, with Gabi present as always, no images will be censured, On the contrary, they will be commemorated and shared and we ask that you do the same with the photos and works of protests of the activists and artists involved in the project.

Statements of protest:

“All nudity will be censored, qualified, normatized, regulated and punished. The DASPU Real page was deactivated on Facebook for having images of the DASPU (clothing line created by Gabriela Leite) performace that was held in honor of Gabriela Leite. The politics of censorship is manifesting itself everywhere against the liberty and desire to think and live differently. With the advancement of censorship and other arbitrary forms of violence, a multitude of “invisible lives” is being produced, whose legal and political status finds itself suspended. This is how power interacts with whores, drug users, and protestors. The limits of what can appear, be said, or been shown in a performance of bodies in protest is rapidly denounced, removed, violated. What they seek is to exclude whatever possibility of citizenship, of practices of public occupation, or bodies that resist, desires that manifest themselves viscerally in defense of a legitimate space of protest and public debate, free from intimidation, aggression or whatever other form of violence present in our society today. DASPU is in and of itself a protest, resistance, political action. Denouncing us does not weaken us, on the contrary, we are even stronger to react. It was this way that we started 9 years ago, protesting against the reduction of legitimate spaces for our battles, vigilance and normatization of our bodies, and this is how we’ll continue. It is a job of resistance that uses the forces against us in our favor, and the catwalk as a battleground for the political rights of the prostitutes!” – Elaine Bortolanza, Dasputinha and Vice-President of Davida


“I just found out that the DASPU profile page was taken off the air due to the photos of the performace that happened during the fashion show in honor of Gabriela Leite. I feel disrespected, silenced, imprisioned….these are the “new times”? Times when an artist cannot express their art because it contains nudity? Since when is nudity pornography? Ahhhh, of course, because it isn’t carnaval, it isn’t BBB, it isn’t the soap opera at 8….it is ART! PQP IT IS ART! Shameless, people who are naked in favor of ART!


 And now I talk directly to the moralists, to whom they definitely felt affected by so much beauty, naturalness, love, attitude, and ART. On my behalf, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU, and it is not due to that that I am going to miss the chance to scream what I feel, what I believe and who I am. Kisses for you…, Paula Vill Nova, Multimedia artist and creator of the collection of Wearable Arte in honor of Gabriela Leite, and creator of the performance CENSORED by Facebook

 “We continue strong, we are who made history, that these that will passby, se continue with the whores, the liberty of express and of art, being naken, making love and sex, playing, making our presence with politics, eroticism, beauty and poetry, with our bodies overflowing with affect and orgasm, we will go wherever we want, and even here [on Facebook] we will continue to insist and disturb. Gabriela, present!” – Flavio Lenz, Journalist, Editor of Beijo da Rua, Co-founder of DASPU and Executive Secretary of Davida

“The first rehearsal for all of us is to “make a nude”. We are all makers of nudes, everyday, in all Carnavals, at home, at maternities, on the street, and churches. With varying urges and varying needs. Alone or accompanied.  Nudes, varios and distinct, nudes dressed and redressed by the eyes that look and look away. Seen by the eyes that see. Look at that. Look again. Envy? In the land of Facebook, who has eyes is…? There, an associated term, without a scale, nudity and pornography and investing in powers and anonymous voyeurs that clicks and denounces what they think is illegal, immoral or…caloric. In this case, the pleasure of others. The pleasure of being and making politics and parties with want, with desire, with courage without masks and viels, with faces towards the flashes (and there were a lot of them!) and other faces, other people, other smiles, many orgasms. In this episode of castration and censorship of the happiness of a Being that Can Be, cowardness – hypocrisy’s orgasm – was installed. This is the greatest obscenity”.  Soraya Simões, President of Davida, Coordinator of the Prostitution Observatory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

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